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/the_next generati*n of tech t^lent.

Jiří Šimeček

A handsome young man in a grass field.
Logo of Prague University of Economics and Business.
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Welcome to my personal website! My name is Jiří and I am a young and motivated software engineer with a passion for coding, problem-solving and design. I am currently working as a full-stack developer at DX Heroes.

Hope you find my website informative and fun.


I have experience working with a variety of programming languages, including the ones seen below. I'm not an expert in any of them, but I'm a quick learner and strive to be better every day.

My strong attention to detail and ability to think critically have helped me to excel in my projects, both individually and as part of a team.












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A few bits about me

My life

I am always up for learning, trying out new challenges and growing as a person.

One such challenge was spending a year with a host family in the United States.

Currently, I am focusing on my job as well as building personal projects on a daily basis.


Even though I consider myself to be more of an introvert, I won't miss out on team bonding activities such as bowling, gaming, or just going out for a beer.

Recently, I found myself enjoying the taste of nonalcoholic beer, so I seized the opportunity and completed a 6-month challenge of not drinking alcohol.

My projects

I have worked on a bunch of projects, from personal endeavors to client websites and group projects as part of the 42 Prague school or at work.

Currently, some of my biggest projects were production grade business websites, which I made in Next.js.


Let's be honest, no one reads all the way to the bottom of the page. So if you have read this far, it is clear that you are genuinely interested in getting to know me better. I encourage you to seize this opportunity and reach out to me.